1000 torii
1000 torii
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Shoichi Kitamura: “1000 torii”


Original woodblock print – Shoichi Kitamura (b 1968) – “1000 torii” hand-signed by the artist – Japan – 2021

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Size within the margin : 369 x 250 mm

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About the artist:
Shoichi Kitamura (1968)
Born in Kyoto. Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Department of Printmaking.
Learned woodblock printing from printmaker Akira Kurosaki.
Member of the Kyoto Woodblock Printing Craft Association and the Association for Preserving the Technical Skills of Carving and Printing Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints.

As new. In mint condition, direct from the gallery of the artist.

Size within the margin : 369 x 250 mm

Will be send worldwide between hardboard plates to prevent any damage in transport.
Outside The Netherlands, I use DHL Express most of the time these days.

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