“Fleur Fanne H” edition 19/40
“Fleur Fanne H” edition 19/40
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Koji Moroi: “fleur fanne H”


The details in the shadow gives the flower a different dimension in this piece from artist Koji Moroi (born 1952).

Size within the margin: 275 x 190 mm

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About the artist

Koji Moroi (born 1952 )
Japanese artist who moved to France in the early ’70.
This is also why the title is in French.
To create this soft shade, he prints nearly the same colour on top of the other one.


The work is in mint condition.
Right from the gallery of the artist/publisher.


Edition number: 19/40


Size within the margin: 275 x 190 mm
Full paper size: 250 x 325 mm


Will be send worldwide between hardboard plates to prevent any damage in transport.
Outside The Netherlands, I use DHL Express most of the time these days.

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