Botanical art by Hajime Namiki, on
Hajime Namiki:Tree Scene 110B
Silver background by Hajime Namiki
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Hajime Namiki: Tree Scene 110B, Nearly SOLD OUT


Hajime Namiki: Tree Scene 110B, Nearly SOLD OUT 2002

Size within the margin : 210 x 420 mm

Edition: 196/200

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About the artist
Contemporary Master – Hajime Namiki was born in 1947 in Tokyo. Although originally trained as a sculptor, he began making wood block prints in 1978. He carves his own blocks and prints each work using traditional methods. These beautiful prints are printed on a gold or silver leaf laid over Torinoko paper. Namiki also uses oil-based paints rather than the more common use of watercolors.
Namiki’s most famous and striking subjects are his nature scenes. Fascinated by trees, he has masterfully captured their majesty and beauty in a modern style with traditional methods. Namiki’s prints were released in strictly limited editions and are numbered in pencil in the margin.

The work is in very good condition.
Right from the gallery of the artist.


Edition number: 196/200 made in 2002 (Nearly Sold out!)


Size within the margin: 210 x 420 mm
Full paper size: 285 x 495 mm


Will be send worldwide between hardboard plates to prevent any damage in transport. secured and with tracking information.

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