sunny place
sunny place
sunny place
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Yumeji Takehisa: “Hyuga (Sunny Place)”


Original Japanese woodblock reprint, Published by Unsodo – Yumeji Takehisa (1884-1934) – “Hyuga” sunny place- Heisei period (1989-2020)

size within the margin : 23 x 14,5 cm.

Condition as new, never been framed, in original folder

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Yumeji Takehisa is very famous and popular in Japan as painter, illustrator and printmaker of the Taisho period (1912-1926).
Tokyo dedicated a museum exclusively to his paintings, watercolors and prints.
His style is characterized as Western romanticism in a positive meaning. The preferred subjects of the artist were beautiful women.

Originally published in Showa mid-term era (1949-1970) by Unsodo.
This is a later edition from the original blocks.


Only perfect condition one.

Never rolled up.

Never framed, kept in professional condition.


Refer to our Pictures

The color of the actual Woodblock Print may be slightly different

from the images on our pictures.

It is impossible to show the actual color of

these fine art of woodblock prints and texture of Washi Paper.

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