Lucky Kimono 7
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Kunio Kaneko: “Lucky kimono 7”


Original woodblock print – Kunio Kaneko (b 1949) – ” Lucky Kimono 7″ Hand-signed and numbered by the artist 44/150 – Japan – 2016

As new. In mint condition, direct from the gallery of the artist.
Size within the margin : 205 x 210 mm
Full paper size : 265 x 270 mm


Like Hajime Namiki, he likes to use silver or gold for the background. In this series the background is the Kimono. The print also has details pressed in the paper. Like the square around the kimono.

Koi or more specifically nishikigoi are colored varieties of the Amur carp, originally found in Central Europe and Asia. … The systematic breeding of ornamental koi in Japan began in Ojiya and Yamakoshi in the Niigata Prefecture

About the artist :

1949 Born in Tokyo.
1972 Graduated from the Musashino University of Fine Arts.
Studied under Hoshi Joichi and Sasajima Kihei.
Exhibition: Many shows in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, France, and the United States.

His woodblock works are all handmade by the traditional Japanese Baren.
Kunio Kaneko’s purpose is “Neo Japan Art” which is very traditional Japanese but reflects global views.

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