Fu Takenaka
Fu Takenaka: “Shiawase mitsumete”
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Fu Takenaka: “Shiawase mitsumete” (Staring Happily)


Original woodblock print – Fu Takenaka (b 1945) – “Shiawase mitsumete” (Staring Happily)

Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist 20/27 – Japan – Heisei period (1989-2019)

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Original woodblock print – Fu Takenaka (b 1945 – 2022) – “Shiawase mitsumete” (Staring Happily) – Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist 20/27 – Japan – Heisei period (1989-2019)

Very low edition ! JUST 27. This is nr 20 out of 27

Japanese woodblock print “Shiawase mitsumete” (Gazing at the Happiness) is by Fu Takenaka (1945- ) Very cute owl print. In Japan, owls bring luck and offer protection from suffering. The reason can be found in the Japanese name for owl, Fukuro, which can be written in different sets of characters: One with the meaning of luck ( fuku, luck; ku, to come; ro suffix used in boys’ names), and the other as protection from hardship ( fu, no, kurou hardship, suffering).

Fu Takenaka was born in 1945. She worked for a design company and started late with printmaking, in 2003. The artist works in the technique of the Japanese woodblock print. Fu Takenaka is a member of the Japanese artist association Nihon Hanga-in and well known in Japan.

original woodcut

1970 Design room Takenaka established. Design (clothing / interior) production
1998 Started stone art
2003 Started studying woodcuts
2008 58th Japan Board Painting Exhibition Exhibition
2008 Print Forum 2008 Washi no Sato Higashi Chibu Exhibition
Saitama Arts and Culture Festival Saitama Executive Committee Chairman’s Award
2009 Recommended by Nihon Pakuin-in
2013 Taketake Naka Inoki woodblock print exhibition Jeonju, Korea
2016 66th Itain Exhibition Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Dimension: Vertical 24 x Horizontal 18.5 cm

The condition is perfect.

Will be send very well packed between hardboard plates, to prevent any damage in transport, worldwide with track and trace and insured.

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