Spring mountain H
Spring mountain H by Fumio Fujita
graphic work, Fumio Fujita
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Fumio Fujita: “Spring mountain H”


A very graphical play of the sunset in spring.

Made and signed by artist Fumio Fujita. – Publishing year :1993

Single print, not coming back ! edition nr: 1/200

Size within the margin: 365 x 265 mm

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About the artist

Fumio Fujita was born in Aichi province in 1933. He graduated in 1955 from the renowned Musashino College of Fine Arts. In 1963 Fumio Fujita began to make woodblock prints in mock hanga style – self-carved and self-printed.

His main subjects are landscapes with a focus on trees. This subject has become trendy among Japanese printmakers, As you can see on this site. But if you look a little further, you will see his work is quite diverse.


The work is in mint condition.


Edition: 1/200 Publishing year : 1993


Size within the margin: 365 x 265 mm
Full paper size: 440 x 310 mm


Will be send worldwide with tracking post, between hardboard plates to prevent any damage in transport.

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