Tomoe no Yuki
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Sekka Kamisaka: “Tomoe no Yuki”


Woodblock print, Published by Unsodo from the original blocks – Kamisaka Sekka (1866-1942)

picture size: 320 x 46 mm
paper size: 342 × 515 mm

Condition : as new. (printed in 2019)

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Sekka KAMISAKA – 1866-1942 This white heron is from his series ; World of Things
Sekka Kamisaka was born in Kyoto and worked as a designer of ornaments. The artist made several woodblock albums,
“A Thousand Butterflies” in 1903, “World of Things” in 1909, “Poems and Pictures” in 1934 and “Collection of Humorous
Designs – Kokkei Zuan (e-hon album)” The start of the shinhanga movement. Strong hard colors!

This print is made from the original woodblocks
by publisher Unsodo!

This design is Made 1909/1910. Very modern for it’s time.

Will be packed with a lot of care and send between hardboard, cute to size. this will prevent any damage in the transport.

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