Mana Aki: “Light on the horizon”
“Light on the horizon”
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Mana Aki: “Light on the horizon”


Mana Aki (b 1960)  Title: “Light on the horizon”

edition: 1 out of /30 (hand signed and numbered by artist)
She is designer, carver, etcher and printer.

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About the artistMana Aki :Born in 1960 in Kochi Prefecture on the island of Shikoku, She didn’t venture far from home for university, choosing to study locally. Her plans were to become a high school art teacher. Long inspired by the woodblocks of ISOMI Teruo, when she learned that he would be teaching a class in Tokyo, she traveled to the metropolis to study with him. After completing the course, she chose to return to the rural environment of Kochi and dedicated herself to promoting one of the local handicrafts by using the local handmade paper, Tosa washi. Her paper’s delicacy contrasts with the bold energy of her lines. In this case very fine lines.


The work is in mint condition.
Right from the gallery of the artist/publisher.


Edition number: 4/30 (etching)


Size within the margin: 102 x 152 mm
Full paper size: 187 x 300 mm


Will be send worldwide between hardboard and carton plates to prevent any damage in transport.
Tracking post. Insured.

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