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Miharu Shiota: “Ox – For ox year”


Miharu Shiota 塩田みはる (b 1947) – “Ushidoshi no tame ni” 丑年のために (For the Year of the Ox) – ‘Ushi-2009’ – Japan – 2008 edition 9/12

Size within the margin: 110 x 180 mm

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About the artist

Female artist, Miharu Shiota. Born in Tokyo 1947. 1970 Graduated from Tama University.
Moved to Paris and graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieure de Beaux Arts de Paris in 1980. Collection : Bibliotheque Nationale (Paris), Bibliotheque Royale Albert Ler(Brexelles), Musee de Bayeux(France) She makes nice small prints in a very low edition.



The print is in very good condition. straight from her gallery in Tokyo. Printed on Handmade rice paper

Pablo Picasso ! That’s the first think a thought when I Found this Japanese print in Tokyo. He was a master in simple ox/bull lines to let the animal come alive.

This work is off course not from Pablo Picasso but the Japanese artist : Miharu Shiota
Aldo the artist also lived in Paris, like Pablo Picasso.


Within the margin: 110 x 180 mm
Full paper size: 158 x 236 mm


Will be send worldwide between hardboard plates to prevent any damage in transport.
Outside The Netherlands, I use DHL Express most of the time these days.

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