Japanese stillife woodblock print
Takashi Hirose: Clementine and apple.
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Takashi Hirose: “Clementine and apple”


Takashi Hirose: “Clementine and apple” edition: 7/12

Size within the margin : 165 x 187 mm

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About the artist

TAKASHI HIROSI was born in Gumma province in 1955 and studied oil painting at Musashino University. After graduating he was drawn to woodblock printing and became a student of the famous Joichi Hoshi where He learned all aspects of the Art-form.
He designs, carves the blocks and prints himself


The work is in very good condition.
Right from the gallery of the artist, printed for us.


Edition number: 7/12


Size within the margin: 165 x 187 mm
Full paper size: 210 x 235 mm


Will be send worldwide between hardboard and carton plates to prevent any damage in transport.
Outside The Netherlands, we use DHL Express most of the time.

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