White Horse
White Horse
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“White Horse” numbered and signed by artist. 27/38 (SOLD)


Large Silkscreen print Ikegami Soho (1940 -) old printing technology also used by Andy Warhol.

This is a large print with made in a small number of prints.

edition : 1 out /38

size  within margin : 455 x 325 mm

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Artist Ikegami Soho (1940 – present )
Artist – Carver – Printer
This is not a woodblock prints but a silkscreen print.
Silkscreen printing is also known as serigraphy and serigraph printing.
This printing method was originally popular in Asia, including China and Japan. It is also known as the technique used by Andy Warhol.

Ikegami Soho is primarily known for his bold Fuji designs woodblocks and animals/birds/botanical. Numerous exhibitions 1996-98; CWAJ Print Show 3rd year — Ikegami’s “sosaku” prints are boldly colorful and always fun.

This is a very large print 455 x 325 mm within the margin !

full paper size : 530 x 400 mm

Will be send, worldwide between hardboard plates to prevent any damage in transport. of course with tracking post.


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