Kumadori 4
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Kunio Kaneko: “Kumadori 4”


Original woodblock print – Kunio Kaneko (b 1949) – “Kumadori 4”- Japan – 2007

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Kumadori (隈取) is the stage makeup worn by kabuki actors, mostly when performing kabuki plays in the aragoto style.

About the artist :

1949 Born in Tokyo.
1972 Graduated from the Musashino University of Fine Arts.
Studied under Hoshi Joichi and Sasajima Kihei.
Exhibition: Many shows in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, France, and the United States.

As new. In mint condition, direct from the gallery of the artist. Not only woodblock print, but also paper pressing.

Edition: one out of 150

Size within the margin : 130 x 97 mm
Full paper size : 160 x 125 mm


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