Okada Koichi: “Moon over Tama river”
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“Moon over Tama river”
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Koichi Okada: “moon over Tama river”


This Okada Koichi is reprinted after 49 years on our request. It will only be for sale through our cancels these next months.
– From the series “Twelve Views of Japan”
Size within the margin : 36 x 24 cm.
full paper size : 41 x 28 cm
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Koichi Okada was born in 1907 in Tokyo, studied with Ishii Hakutei and Arishima Ikuma and was a member of the art group Issuikai. Okada is known for his beautifully detailed woodblock prints depicting Mt. Fuji and is considered a true Shin-Hanga master.
The small cut in the lower right corner is not a damage to the print but a guide known as ‘kento’ to properly align the woodblocks used to apply each different colour.
Publisher: Unsodo
Carver: Nagashima
Printer: Ichimura
First edition circa 1929. This reprint is being made on our request. Exclusive through our company for hese next months. Printed using the original woodblocks.
This item is as new. Top condition and Vibrant colours !
Will be send worldwide with track and trace and insurance, between hardboard plates, to make folding impossible
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